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Reasons We May Need to Widen Your Arch for Straighter Teeth

Posted on 9/5/2022 by Rendon Orthodontics
Reasons We May Need to Widen Your Arch for Straighter TeethYour dental arch is crucial in determining your smile. When the arch is too small, only a small section of your teeth is exposed. This can affect your smile significantly. In that case, the arch will need widening. We can also widen your arch when straightening your teeth. There are several reasons why we do so; some of them include getting rid of crossbites, correcting crossbites, and creating spaces for teeth alignment.

Gets Rid of Crossbites

When your dental arch is too narrow, it could result in crossbites. This is a dangerous condition that can cause cheek biting. Furthermore, it hinders the teeth straightening procedure. This is why we need to widen your arch and before starting the procedure. The fact that narrow arches can cause cheek biting should be a matter of concern. This is because cheek biting can result in serious oral conditions that could lead to teeth loss. For instance, when you bite your cheeks, you put additional wear and tear the tissues around that area. This causes swelling that could trigger bacteria intrusion. The bacteria can then spread to other parts of your mouth and cause infections.

It Corrects Overbites

Widening the arch also helps correct overbites. It is important to note that overbites can affect the structure of your teeth and how they operate. This can lead to challenges when doing teeth straightening. Therefore, widening your arch will help fix the problem and make your bite functional. A narrow arch can make it difficult to open your mouth. As a result, you won't chew food properly. This can affect your nutritional intake by limiting your food options.

Creates Space for Teeth Alignment

By widening your arch, we create space for teeth alignment and straightening. This is because a narrow arch limits space availability. It also makes the procedure almost impossible. Get in touch with us for more information on the importance of widening your arch.
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