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Orthodontist Treatment: How Do Orthodontists Treat An Under Bite?

Posted on 9/19/2022 by Rendon Orthodontics
Orthodontist Treatment: How Do Orthodontists Treat An Under Bite?There are different types of teeth misalignments. An underbite is where the lower jaw moves past the upper jaw. Treatment may require braces, but in some cases, surgery is necessary. The treatment will depend on the severity of the underbite.

What Causes an Underbite?

The cause of the underbite can range from genetics and tumors to trauma and childhood habits. You have a high risk if someone in your family has had the condition. The shape of the tooth and gums is often a characteristic we inherit from parents and relatives. If the jaw experiences trauma, fractures can affect its growth. An underbite can develop when the fracture remains untreated.

Childhood habits like sucking the thumb and tongue thrusting can gradually change the shape of the mouth. The changes in the contour of the jaw may eventually develop into an underbite.

A tumor can also change the shape of the jaw and cause tooth misalignments.

What are The Treatment Options for an Underbite?

An underbite can lead to various complications. It can make it difficult to articulate words or chew food comfortably. The tooth's enamel can deteriorate, causing cavities. The condition also changes the structure of the face and jaw.

Metal braces can treat an underbite. But braces are more effective in childhood. At a young age, the jaw is still malleable, meaning it can respond to the pressure exerted by the brackets.

However, adults are less responsive to Invisalign treatment. Facemasks and elastics are non-invasive options for adjusting the shape of the jaw in adults. The treatment requires patients to keep the mask on for at least 16 hours a day.

You may undergo surgery to correct the misalignment when the underbite is severe. An assessment from your orthodontist will determine the best treatment for your condition.

If you are concerned about your underbite, consult our specialist today. Contact us to book an appointment with our orthodontist.

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