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How Do Teeth Move?

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Rendon Orthodontics
How Do Teeth Move?The movement of your teeth is a normal process that occurs throughout your life and may also be accelerated or triggered by certain external factors. The ligament is mainly responsible for keeping teeth in their proper positions in the mouth.

This ligament serves as the connection between the roots of each tooth and the jawbone that surrounds them. The ligament that maintains teeth in place contains fibrous tissue that is both tough and pliable.

This tissue is responsible for holding teeth in place. It enables easy movement of the teeth in response to pressure being applied. Even if you have not received orthodontic treatment, you may begin to detect a shift in the position of your teeth in the future.

It may be caused by several things, including periodontal disease, tooth grinding, not using a retainer, and just aging.

Shifting Teeth Can Be Fixed

An orthodontist may suggest continuously keeping a retainer in your mouth for twenty-four hours, removing it only to eat, drink, and clean your teeth. It will allow your teeth to shift back into their proper position.

When the patient no longer feels constricted by the garments, they may resume wearing them while sleeping. Instead of moving teeth, retainers are meant to keep them in their proper positions.

Traditional braces, made up of metal brackets and wires, have been the most often used treatment for crooked teeth for a significant amount of time and continue to be the most popular choice.

The wire is responsible for directing the movement of the teeth in the correct direction, while the brackets are responsible for holding the teeth in place. Even the most severe tooth movement cases may be corrected with braces in their more conventional meaning.

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