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Who Is an Orthodontist

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Rendon Orthodontics
Who Is an OrthodontistAn orthodontist is a trained dentist in recognizing, preventing, and treating teeth and jaw irregularities. Orthodontists are trained to rectify already existing conditions and at the same time identify problems that might occur in the future. They offer a variety of treatment options which includes straitening of crooked teeth, fixing bad bites, and aligning the jaws. Using their knowledge and expertise they take care of the children, teens, and adults.

What an Orthodontist Does

An orthodontist specializes in correcting misalignment of the teeth and the jaw. Common issues that they treat include anteroposterior deviations that are the overbite and the underbite which causes difficulties in chewing and articulation, restructuring and realigning the jaws, lips, and the teeth which helps to positively impact the facial appearance and treating overcrowding.

Education and Training

An orthodontist attends college, dental school, and orthodontic school and spends additional three years in an orthodontic residency program. This additional training offers an additional specialty in two major disciplines orthodontics which helps in safe and proper teeth removal and dentofacial orthopedics which helps to properly guide development in teeth, jaw, and face.

When to See an Orthodontist

Early examinations of children's teeth ensure that an orthodontist monitors the development of the teeth and the jaw from the beginning. Problems that can be detected include issues with chewing and biting, oral habits such as thumb-sucking protruding teeth, a facial appearance that is not balanced, teeth that bite into the cheek and mouth roof, and jaws that shift improperly. It's easier to treat problems that are identified at the early stages of a kid's development.

Adults should visit an orthodontist for teeth straightening which improves their appearance. In addition, they can prevent tooth decay at the same time deal with other oral problems. Orthodontist treatment helps straighten the smile and also jaw alignment which may help reduce snoring. Call us today to get your questions answered.

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