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Early Orthodontics
Frisco, TX

We provide early orthodontics for children whose jaw and tooth development may be out of balance. By addressing alignment early, we can prevent further dental problems as children age and progress in their development. Because of our experience and knowledge in the field of early orthodontics, we can spot emerging problems with the eruption of teeth and the growth of the jaw. We can do this even when baby teeth are still present. We feature all levels of teeth straightening here at Rendon Orthodontics. Give us a call today to arrange an appointment for an examination.

When Should a Child’s Teeth Be Checked for Early Orthodontics?

We recommend that you schedule an early orthodontic check when your child is around six or seven years old. Because of our training and knowledge, we can recognize a possible alignment issue, even when a child’s teeth appear straight. Therefore, we introduce teeth straightening and orthodontic care for some of our youngest patients.

In some cases, we may find a problem with jaw development and dentition. If so, we will continue to track your child’s dental development, recommending the appropriate orthodontic treatment at a specific time. In other cases, early orthodontic treatment will be recommended to prevent a more serious dental problem later.

How Can Early Orthodontic Treatment Help?

By introducing early orthodontic treatment, we can direct the growth of the developing jaw or reduce the risk of injury to teeth that project outward. We can identify common bite problems. We can also suggest how parents can stop poor dental-related behaviors. Permanent teeth may also be guided into a position with space maintainers for an attractive arrangement of the teeth.

By seeing us early for an orthodontic check, your child has the opportunity to maintain a straighter and healthier smile. Young patients vary in their dental development. Therefore, our primary goal is to provide children with the right treatment approach at an appropriate time.

What Is an Example of an Early Habit That Leads to Orthodontics?

Children may suck their thumbs, fingers, or pacifiers until they are 4 years old. If a child develops this habit and continues to thumb suck after his or her permanent teeth erupt, it can lead to bite problems or misalignment. The extent of the habit will determine the dental outcome. For instance, children who thumb suck more passively, are less likely to need orthodontics.

What Is the Timeline for the Dental Dentition for Permanent Teeth?

Typically, dentition takes 21 years for all the permanent teeth to erupt. At first, youngsters typically have 20 primary or baby teeth, which come in at about 6 months, and fall out throughout childhood at various times. Normally, total exfoliation occurs around 12 years old. The wisdom teeth usually are taken out to prevent crowding or problems with dental care. Wisdom, or third molars, normally erupt between 17 and 24 years of age.

As you can see, the development of permanent teeth must be carefully observed for a long span of time. The earlier you begin your child’s dental care, the better. If you would like to book an orthodontic check and appointment, we can easily arrange a convenient time. Simply give Rendon Orthodontics a call at (972) 377-8844 today.
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If you would like to book an orthodontic check and appointment, simply give Rendon Orthodontics a call today.
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