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The iTero Scanner at Rendon Orthodontics in Frisco.The traditional method of taking impressions of the patient’s mouth, bite, and smile is long, drawn out, and rife with inaccuracies. This is why the team at Rendon Orthodontics is taking advantage of the latest advancements in orthodontic technology to improve the quality of dental treatments. New advances in orthodontic technology, such as the iTero digital scanner, play a monumental role in providing accurate and precise impressions while providing comfort to the patient.

What is the iTero Digital Scanner?

The iTero digital scanner captures images of the mouth to create 3D dental images in the span of a few minutes. The scanner is easy to use and can be operated by a single person. Moreover, the user-friendly images help dental professionals like Dr. Rendon and Dr. Castano-Rendon and Dr. Castano-Rendon get the best results. Once our dentist starts the scanning process, it can be stopped and started as many times as necessary. The iTero digital scanner uses the latest optical technology to capture minute details of the mouth, including every nook and cranny. This data is then used to develop extremely accurate orthodontic devices that have a high success rate and improve the patient's quality of life.

Here are some of the biggest advantages of using orthodontic technology, such as the iTero digital scanner:

Quick and Reliable

The iTero digital scanner is extremely fast and reliable. It takes only about 15 minutes for patients to get the full scan. This information is used to develop a 3D model of your smile. Data indicates that it has already produced well over 3 million orthodontic scans because of its speed and reliability. The method is superior to the traditional putty material that was not only uncomfortable to use but also prone to errors.

Very Comfortable for the Patient

Patients who have used putty material describe the experience as uncomfortable and unnerving. Getting used to the taste of putty material is a challenge in its own right. It also gets difficult for patients to swallow and breathe with the putting material in their mouths. The biggest advantage of using the iTero digital scanner is that it doesn’t taste like putty.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Our dentists use the latest advancements in orthodontic technology to provide you with the best possible care and treatment. These improvements save you both time and money and offer you better precisions with improved results. This is one of the key reasons for using digital scanners over traditional methods.

Moreover, iTero digital scanners are extremely safe for patients because they incorporate optical and laser scanning to achieve highly accurate results. This makes the technology a win-win for both patients and dentists. Patients also appreciate the higher comfort levels and faster image-gathering process that iTero digital scanner offers.

The best way to find out how advances in orthodontic technology can help you is to book an appointment with our experts. Dr. Rendon and Dr. Castano-Rendon and Dr. Castano-Rendon can discuss your goals and come up with an effective treatment to help you achieve them.

Contact us today at (972) 377-8844 to book an appointment.
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