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Dr. Castano Rendon in clinic with a patient at Rendon Orthodontics in Frisco, TX]If you come to see us on a regular basis, you might not be worried about your teeth. You may think that your teeth are in great shape, especially if you come to see us all the time for regular cleaning and checkups. Your teeth may be all shiny and bright. However, you might also think that you need something extra. You may need some orthodontics to make sure that your teeth are as healthy as possible. You might notice you have problems chewing on one side. Maybe you have trouble when you bite down, because you feel pain. You might also think that your teeth are not as even and straight as they should be. Orthodontics is more than having a straight, shiny smile. You will need a great smile for life. Give the experts here at Rendon Orthodontics a second to tell you about orthodontics.

Why Orthodontics?

In the past, people were not as concerned with their dental health as they are now. That's because they had far more important things to worry about besides their smiles. They were trying to scrape together enough food to feed their families. However, once people began to make more money and sustain a living, they began checking out their teeth. People wanted to keep their teeth for longer, because they felt better with a beautiful, healthy smile. Because there were people who wanted to keep their teeth for as long as possible, we started studying how we could fix teeth and jaws so people could keep their teeth for longer periods. Orthodontics started as part of the basic general dentistry practice. It allows us to help patients bite and chew without pain. It also allows us to fix cosmetic issues with your teeth before they become serious problems, such as treating Impacted Canines and performing Orthognathic Surgery.

What Happens in Orthodontic Treatment?

If you think you might need help with your teeth, you will need to come in for a consultation. We will have you take x-rays or bring us recent ones. We will also look at models and photos so we can get an overall picture of your teeth problems. We also will have a look at your mouth to see how your teeth fit together. We will look for problems with your jaw as well. If we think you need additional treatment, we will use your x-rays and models to develop a treatment plan. We can't promise that it will be a quick fix. But we can promise your teeth will be healthier in the long run. We may be able to recommend several different techniques that can fix your problem. You might need to have some teeth extracted. You might also need appliances, aligners, or even braces to help your mouth be healthier.

How to Help Yourself

If you need Early Orthodontics or Adult Orthodontics, but you're not sure where to turn, we can help. Let us answer your questions about orthodontics and early orthodontic care. Give Rendon Orthodontics a call at 469-956-5022. We would love to talk to you about your overall dental health. We want you to keep your beautiful smile for life. Give us a call today to Schedule an Appointment.
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