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Protecting Your Braces
Frisco, TX

We urge our orthodontic patients to take extra care of their braces, as doing so will result in better teeth-straightening results and prevent an orthodontic emergency. That is why you need to be careful about what you eat and practice regular dental hygiene using the right toothbrush or appliances. If you have any questions during orthodontic care, Rendon Orthodontics can answer your inquiries.

What Should I Do to Ensure Decrease the Risk of Damage During Brushing?

When brushing your braces, you need to follow a specific routine. You will first need to prepare to brush your teeth. If you wear elastics or other removable parts, you will need to take them off of your braces. When you clean your braces, hold your toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees. This will make it easier to clean around the pins and wires. Brush gently from the top to the bottom of each wire. Make sure you take sufficient time to remove food particles and debris.

Next, you need to clean each tooth. Again, hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle at the gumline, applying gentle pressure while using a circular motion. Take about 10 seconds on each tooth. Also, use the same brushing action on the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth. By taking this approach, you will reach a greater coverage area and will ensure that each tooth gets clean.

How Should I Floss?

To floss and protect your braces, use a flossing product that is specifically designed for orthodontic work. Use a gentle up and down motion between the teeth. You should use about an 18-inch span of floss during each daily session. You might also consider getting a water flosser to ensure that you rinse away any remaining plaque or debris.

Are Some Toothbrushes Better Than Others for Protecting Orthodontic Work?

We often suggest that patients use an ADA-approved electric toothbrush with a soft orthodontic head. This will allow them to thoroughly clean their teeth and gums. The head should oscillate and be round for the best results.

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What Foods Should I Avoid?

A lot of orthodontic patients experience problems when they eat foods that are too crunchy, hard, or chewy. Therefore, stay away from popcorn, hard candies, ice, hard bread, or caramels. Doing so will make it easier to clean your teeth and will reduce the risk that you might loosen or damage your braces.

The foods that are best to eat or drink include soft bread, cheese, yogurt, steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, easy-to-chew meats (such as lunch meats), cereal, eggs, pasta, rice, water, and milk. Don’t delay your orthodontic progress by consuming the wrong foods.

We know that it can be easy to damage braces if you don’t pay special attention to protecting them and avoiding certain foods. You also want to protect your braces if you play sports. Ask us about having a mouthguard made if you participate in contact sports. Straighten your smile without worry by playing it safe. If you are interested in orthodontic treatment give Rendon Orthodontics a call at (972) 377-8844 to schedule an appointment now.
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If you are interested in orthodontic treatment give Rendon Orthodontics in Frisco, TX a call to schedule an appointment now.
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